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Something For Nothing #5 - Alcohol.

In any survival situation you must make the best of what you have. But what if what you have isn’t the best?

This article is about the non-in-your-face ways to use alcohol. If you are looking for that, it’s a very different kind of list. Back to the internet with you if that’s the case. For the rest of you, let’s see what alcohol can really do.

#1 – Camp Fuel. Depends on what Proof it is.

Alcohols like Everclear are flammable enough to run a camp stove. Anything at 80 proof or higher will light and burn. This covers anything at about 40% or higher.

#2 – Cold Relief. Shaken, not stirred.

Bourbon, honey and lemon makes a hot toddy. This can help soothe your throat and smelling the steam can loosen some mucous in your nose and throat.

#3 – Sterilization. Destroy those unwanted germs.

Although we don’t ever recommend trying to perform anything that requires absolute sterilization, a little bit can go a long way. And alcohol can destroy germs, so hey, it can’t hurt right?

#4 – Removing Glue. And other sticky substances.

Alcohol can break down glue and other sticky substances that water can’t touch.

#5 – Bug Repellant. And Pesticide.

Mix alcohol with olive oil and the bugs won't even want to bite you. Leave out the oil and just put alcohol in a spray bottle and spray as needed for the pesticide version.

#6 – Odour Reducer.

Whether it's in your clothes or under your arms, a little spritz can help keep odour causing bacteria under control.

#7 – A Strange Egg Cooking Method.

Crack an egg into a glass of vodka, wait about an hour and it should be cooked. I mean, no thank you...but if you don’t have fire and you do have an egg...maybe?

#8 – Tooth Pain Treatment. Just don’t swallow too much.

It's only temporary but it will work short term. Have you read up on survival dentistry yet?

#9 – Herbalism.

Tinctures and other herbal remedies sometimes use alcohol to help dissolve the positive healthy bits of plants and concentrate them into a useful compound.

#10 – Rust Prevention.

Cookware, firearms, knives and so many more metal things.

#11 – Emergency Cooling.

If you are in danger of heatstroke you can use alcohol in dabs on your skin to help cool yourself off. Alcohol evaporates even faster than water, and so gives more of a cooling effect.

#12 – Ice Pack.

2 cups water and one cup vodka or rubbing alcohol. The water will freeze but the alcohol won’t, and this creates a neat texture for an ice pack if you need one.

Even in the links below there are many, many more uses for alcohol. Better than these articles, though, are the training courses in wilderness survival and first aid available all over the world. Proper training will be the best tool you bring into the wild with you.

There must be even more uses, can you think of any? If you do, remember to make notes and let us know in the comments below. Until next week, here are some links to keep you going!

Link 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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