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CPR and First Aid Training

Standard First Aid (16 hours, two days) is designed for those who may be faced with a sudden medical emergency or injury when help is more than fifteen minutes away. Course contents include preparing to respond, the EMS system, check call care procedure, airway emergencies, breathing and circulation, CPR, first aid for respiratory and cardiac events, wound care, head and spinal injuries, bone, muscle and joint injuries, medical and environmental emergencies, and poisons. CLICK HERE for more info.

Emergency First Aid (8 hours, one day) is a more basic introduction to many of those concepts. It fulfills most requirements for workplace safety standards. Course contents include check call care procedure, use of an AED, breathing and circulation, CPR, and wound care. CLICK HERE for more info.

Advanced First Aid (40 hours, five days) includes all the same information as the Standard First Aid course, and also includes blood pressure, oxygen, and pulse oximetry, as well as chest assessments, sterile bandages, an introduction to traction splints, preparing to move a patient, and multiple casualty incidents. This course is best for those who would like more in-depth knowledge, without committing to the 80 hour Emergency First Response course.

​We also offer CPR Lifesaver (2 hours), CPR Basic Life Support (4 hours), and CPR BLS re-certifications (2 hours). CLICK HERE for more info.

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