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Specialized First Aid & Disaster Training

Wilderness and Disaster Training 
Prerequisites: Standard First Aid; Physical Clearance Form

The Wilderness and Disaster Training course is 24 hours spread out over a weekend involving a great deal of both indoor and outdoor activity and participation, in any weather. What do you do when there is no way to call 911 in a remote area? What if 911 won't be available for hours, days, or ever? Do you like to travel abroad, and are you certain about the quality of health care where you do? Learn to improvise dressings and bandages, splints, stretchers and neck braces in a variety of scenarios while camping in the great outdoors. It's all about learning to think critically, and outside the box, without modern equipment. Offered in both Advanced and Scouter variations.


Pet First Aid and Disaster Planning

The Pet First Aid course, in association with K9 Motion in Wellness, is a five hour course that covers safety around animals, recognizing a sick pet, how to perform CPR, restraints, injury prevention, bleeding, disaster planning with pets, and more. CLICK HERE for a more detailed overview of course contents! 

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