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Something For Nothing #3 - Frisbee!

In any survival situation, you must make the best of what you have. But what if what you have isn’t the best?

The following list is compiled from various sources all through the internet and some from my brain or the brains of those here in the office with me. A list of all sources will be included at the end of the article. But enough of that stuff, this week let’s see what a Frisbee can do!

#1 – Recreation. Good for the mind and the body in survival situations.

According to just about every survival expert, entertaining the mind and body in simple recreation can greatly improve chances of survival.

#2 – A Plate or Plate Cover. Great for keeping bugs and dirt out of your food.

With its ability to hold an average of two or three cups of liquid, a frisbee can substitute for a bowl when its time for stew, chili or even late-night cereal cravings.

#3 – Hittin’ Stuff. Just aim and throw.

Knocking fruit out of trees or creating a distraction, even potentially for hunting, depending on the skills of the thrower.

#4 – Mirror or Reflector. This use requires lining in tinfoil or other shiny material.

Once you have your frisbee all tin-foiled up all you need is a light source and someone you need to signal.

#5 – Fanning or Shielding a Fire. Because everyone needs fire.

Great for keeping wind out or adding it in, depending on what you need for a healthy flame.

#6 – Foraging. Great for carrying what you find.

Carrying berries or other wild foods from where they are to your belly.

#7 – Dinnertime Assist. It can take it, as long as it’s not prolonged high heat.

Cutting board, serving tray or prep dish to flour fish or batter bread for French toast. Lots of uses to help with any meal.

#8 – Portable Seat. Plasticky Butt Protector!

For sitting on wet or cold surfaces and still protecting your butt.

#9 – Bailing Device. Scoop out that unwanted, boat-filling water.

Or in worse situations, bailing out the bottom of your tent. Alternately, bailing that dirt out of that hole you want to have.

#10 – Emergency Paddle. For when you are up a creek.

And to get moving once all that water has been scooped out.

#11 – Water Collector. Because water is damn important.

Either catching rain or using a bandana to soak up dew and wringing it out into the frisbee.

#12 – Hygiene Tray. Because hygiene is damn important, too.

For washing with soap and brushing teeth, but make sure to wash it up well before using it with food again.

I’m certain there must be more uses, can you think of any we missed? If you do, remember to make notes and let us know in the comments below. Until next week, here are some links to keep you going!

Link 1, 2, and 3.

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