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What’s Your Damage? – Punctures

If you’ve been lucky in your life, you’ve avoided our next bit of damage. If you were unlucky, then I’m sorry about your run in with dog-bites, rusty nails or falling on sharp things. Let’s talk about puncture wounds.

What is it then?

A puncture occurs any time you are cut deeply, specifically below all layers of your skin. Common methods of getting punctured are being bitten and stepping on sharp things. Some uncommon methods include stabbing and gun shot wounds but that’s a bit dark for the scope of this article. Both of those violent injuries have enough complications to frequently fall into their own category.

To know more about those, see my article entitled: Go To School and Learn from Experts. I know, I know; the sass is real. Let’s move on!

How bad is it?

Some of the causes for punctures are worse than others, but the real issue is germs. Our skin functions as a first and arguably best line of defense against foreign substances and organisms entering our body; a defense that is significantly hindered if we punch holes in it.

Can I prevent it?

An important way to protect against puncture wounds: shoes. Obviously not all punctures occur in the feet but damn if it doesn’t happen a lot. Most other ways of avoiding this type of wound involve being aware of your surroundings.

What if it happens to me?

First, try to stop the bleeding and under no circumstances should you try to remove any foreign objects. Apply gentle pressure and call for help. Next, wash the outside of the wound as best you can, remembering not to try to remove any foreign substance or material from the wound. If you can, try to cover the area with an anti-bacterial cream and a bandage. This can avoid further complications. Keep an eye on any redness, swelling or drainage that occurs and again, go get it checked properly!

Will I be okay?

Most likely yes, provided you get someone with proper skills to look at it, you know, the same advice I always give. Most puncture wounds also necessitate a tetanus shot; yet another thing I recommend against doing on your own.

I will continue to use all the exclamation points to say get proper medical help! Here's a link!

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