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The Personal First Aid Kit is perfect for storing anywhere. Ideal for your home, at work, your vehicle or the outdoors. It is lightweight all while being stocked to meet your minor wound needs including burns and stings.

CRC Personal First Aid Kit

  • 6x Quick Access Bandages 1.9cm x 7.2cm

    4x Quick Access Bandages 2.5cm x 7.2cm

    2x Gauze Dressing Pads 5cm x 5cm

    1x Trauma Pad 12.7cm x 22.8cm

    1x White Self-Adhesive Wrap 2.5cm x 1m

    1x Burn Relief Gel

    3x BZK Towelettes

    2x Sting Relief

    1x Pair Vinyl Gloves

    1x Canadian Red Cross First Aid Booklet

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