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In the Deluxe First Aid Sports Kit, you’ll find first aid supplies that treat minor to moderate wounds you expect to encounter on the field such as sprains, strains, cuts, fractures and more.

CRC Deluxe Sports First Aid Kit

  • 1x Eye Cup

    1x Stainless Steel Splinter Forceps 14.1cm

    1x CPR Mask with One-Way valve and O2 inlet

    1x Elastic Bandage with clips 7.5cm x 4.5cm

    1x White Self-Adhesive Wrap 5cm x 3.2m

    1x Easy Strip Forehead Thermometer

    1x Biohazard Bag

    1x Disposable Penlight

    1x Double-Sided Prep Razors

    1x View Guard Transparent Dressings Sterile 4” x 4.75”

    2x Instant Cold Pack 12.7cm x 15.24cm

    2x Cloth Patch 5cm x 7.5cm

    2x Sterile Gauze 7.5cm x 7.5cm

    2x Sterile ABD Pads 13cm x 23cm

    2x Sterile Non-Adherent Pads 3” x 4”

    2x DynaDerm Hydrocolloid Dressing Thin 2” x 2”

    2x Ziplock Bags

    4x Adhesive Tape Remover Pad

    4x Cloth Knuckle Bandage 3.8cm x 7.6cm

    5x Butterfly Closure 0.95cm x 2cm

    5x Hand Cleansing Towelettes

    6x Bacitracin Zinc Ointment

    16x Quick Bandage 2.5cm x 7.2cm

    1x Paper Tape 2.54cm x 457cm

    1x Stainless Steel Bandage Scissors 14.1cm

    1x Non-Sterile Roller Gauze 7.5cm x 3.75m

    1x Emergency Blanket

    1x Canadian Red Cross First Aid Booklet

    1x Triangular Bandage non-woven

    1x 3inch Red Cross Elastic Bandage

    1x Instant Cold Pack 12.7cm

    1x 5.5” EMT Scissors

    1x 6pk Wound Closure Strips Sterile 1/2"

    2x Burn Relief Gel

    2x Sterile Gauze 10cm x 10cm

    2x Sterile Gauze 5cm x 5cm

    2x Steile Non-Adherent Pads 2” x 3”

    2x Splinter Out

    2x View Guard Transparent Dressings Sterile 2-3/8” x 2-3/4”

    3x Personal Care Washcloth 10” x 13”

    4x Pairs of 6mm Black Nitrile Gloves

    4x Cloth Fingertip Bandage 4.4cm x 5.1cm

    5x Sting Relief

    5x BZK Towelettes

    10x Cotton Tipped Applicators

    18x Quick Bandage 1.9cm x 7.2 cm

  • 29cm x 11cm x 18.5cm

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